Why we build

I began building furniture in 2013, working in a warehouse in Melbourne as a part timer. I was building straight forward trestle tables and I really loved the process involved. At the time I was also studying sustainable development which then led me with the desire to combine my two passions into a sustainable woodworking business.

After moving back to Germany I met my business partner from Bulgaria and together we forged our current business-Kentholz. We focus on building simple quality pieces of furniture using sustainable sourced materials. We minimize our waste by using as much of the materials that come into our shop as possible. This forces us to be very creative in coming up with new product ideas and solutions. 

We stand by our products. Each one is throughly thought through. We use reclaimed timber with our products because we simply love the look and feel of it, as well as the story behind each piece of wood. If you have an idea for a piece or are just generally interested please feel welcome to message us.We enjoy talking with customers.

Quality and reclaimed wood selection

All of our wood is meticulously selected and repaired with resin epoxy, wood filler and natural oil to ensure the pieces we create are durable. We take pride in this process as we are taking wood, that may otherwise be discarded and creating a beautiful piece of home furniture, that our customers love. If you are looking for a well made piece of furniture that is sustainable you are at the right place.