The Patchwork Kent

Patchwork Kent full dining set, sent all the way to North Carolina last summer

table 2.jpg

This job was a big challenge as Jeff and his family wanted a large table and two matching benches in the Patchwork form. This piece is the most time consuming and tricky table we offer, but we really love building it as we get to pick which piece of wood goes where. Its a large wooden jigsaw puzzle and a great way that way get to use all our offcuts from and smaller pieces that otherwise wouldn't get used. Photo credit from Customer Jeff Whiteside 

Rustic Kent

The Bau Kent table sent to Leipzig in April 2016

This super rustic number was  designed in Collaboration with Marc one of our customers early last year. He wanted a super Rustic table with old nail wholes and marks. It took us a while to find the perfect wood. It then took some meticulous work using epoxy resin for the holes so they wouldn't deteriorate over time.  Finally we ended up with this great result a rustic looking table that would last many dinners. Photo credit from Customer Marc Silver. Thanks Marc

Rustic Kent

Rustic Kent table sent to Hamburg back in November


This one was a lot of fun to build. The wide seat ended up being pretty comfortable to sit on and complemented the table nicely. The steel framed legs are definitely my favorite at the moment. The really make the entire piece so robust and prominent in a living space. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Photo credit from customer Christian Sander.

Welcome to the Kentholz blog. Here we will be posting pictures and videos from our workshop and the living rooms of our customers. Please feel free to email us pictures of your Kentholz in your home or apartment.